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Located in Dongou Ind. Zone--the hometown of Chinese pumps and valves ,Wenzhou Jiamusi Pump Valve Co.,Ltd is a research, development, production, production sales of high-tech enterprise. With solid technical strength, excellent machining equipments and advanced test facilities , We...

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TPYPS Full-automatica Water Supply Equipment
Detailed information
Range of Application:
  To replace elevated water tanks(towers) in high-rises and residential buildings, supply of domestic and fire water ,water supply for small and medium-sized waterworks,pressurzied pump stations,mines and factories, cold and heat circulation system for heating and air-conditioning.
Performance and merit :
   High efficiency, energy saving, the use of imported inverter speed control, control valves than the large number of energy-saving elimination of the high level of secondary contamination of water tanks, eliminating the cleansing of water tanks of the costs and trouble to achieve soft-start pumping units, to reduce the impact of commencement of the grid To extend the service life of pumping systems.
Technology Parameters:
Flow:10-1800m3/h ;
Working pressure:0-2.7MPa;
Temperature Range:≤80℃;
Single Motor capacity:0.55-250KW。

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